Your Research Partner
for Deep Innovations on human adipose tissue

Human adipose tissu
Your research partner for deep innovations based on human adipose tissue

The human adipose tissue expert

DIVA is a research partner that allows you to go as far as possible with speedness in your innovations by exploiting the potential of human adipose tissue.

Beyond a CRO, we offer you optimized end-to-end services, from cellular research to the valorization of your products. The support of our team at each stage is essential to identify the best candidates and biomarkers of the mechanisms of action of your active ingredients and products.

Human adipose tissue

Researching from cell to humans

Researching from cell to humans

At DIVA Expertise, we see every project as unique.

To provide the first proofs of concept for molecules or to support every stage of product research & development, we produce and supply prequalified and precharacterized human biological materials and offer a wide range of R&D services.

Preclinical adipose tissue models

With many years of development and expertise we have developed unique & predictive models and can adapt them to your research for a personalized solution.

Our ambition is to bring your research  to another level with ethical and biomimetic science based on original multi-dimensional model.


Unique & patented adipose models

We offer a complete range of human adipose & skin
tissue models to meet the needs of every stage
of your research:

2D/3D models

Organoid /Spheroid models

Tissue explants


DIVA Biobank

With our unique biobank,access a large biobank of biological materials from adipose & skin tissues (cells, secretions, DNA, protein extracts, etc.).

Our prequalified human biological samples with clinical data for your research activity: from 10 anatomical areas. Donors: 20-80 years/2-45 BMI

Surgeons partners

Different donors

Human cell vials

Human biological materials

We support research on human adipose tissue

to advance science in applied fields



Obesity, Metabolic disorders, Skin diseases



Slimming, Beauty care, Immunity

CRO for Cosmetics


Skin & hair care, Injectables, Body contouring & care

They trust on us

Do you have a question about the potential of human adipose tissue for your research?

Our team of experts will be happy to answer all your askings.

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