DIVA Expertise at a glance






Accelerate your research projects

DIVA Expertise is a French preclinical CRO specialized in applied research on Human adipose tissue. We assess the efficiency of test items on our in vitro and ex vivo models we developed from Human adipose tissue. The aim is to bring either the first proof-of-concepts OR the preclinical proof of efficiency of your items. To achieve these goals, DIVA Expertise has set-up state-of-the-art technologies in cell and molecular biology, imaging and biochemistry; as well as an established and functional network with renowned facilities and clinical partners.

DIVA Expertise assists you in the optimization of your R&D projects, the identification of novel targets and shorten the time to market of your final products.

Our missions

  • Accelerate the R&D processes : realization time, optimized and validated screening procedures, identified partners, expertise on adipose tissue, established network for Human tissue supplying.
  • Ameliorate the clinical results by optimizing the preclinical phases: identification of target biomarkers, definition of the population characteristics.
  • Deepen you research on Human adipose tissue: Evaluate the biological effects of your products, define the biological mechanisms, compare to references.

For French companies

DIVA Expertise received the CIR accreditation in 2019 to end 2021.
The CIR (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche) is allocated to all French companies (without size restriction). All the expenses from research and development activities including those subcontracted can be deducted from the taxes under specific conditions.